by cmsmasters

Add transitions and animations to your design!

Effects are customly made and included in our addon to Elementor for WordPress.

It’s exclusicely available only in selected cmsmasters themes on Themeforest.

Horizontal & Vertical Scrolling

Choose between Translate X, Translate Y, Rotate, Scale, Opacity, Blur, Grayscale, Sepia, Saturate, Brightness, Contrast and Hue Rotate.

Rotate & Opacity

Scale on Scrolling

Blur Effect




Hue Rotate


Graphic Effects

Mouse Track Effect

Set an element to move in relation to the visitor’s mouse movement.

Horizontal Transform

Both Transform

Vertical Transform

Tilt Angle & Shift Multiplier

Tilt angle on

Tilt Angle Off

Floating Effects

Vertical Floating

Horizontal floating



Clip Path Effect

The clip-path allows you to specify a specific region of an element to display, with the rest being hidden (or “clipped”) away.

Chose many of custom and pre-made shapes for images, sections and columns

Clip Path Hover Effect