Share Buttons

by cmsmasters

Get more traffic from socials!

This widget is customly made and included in our addon to Elementor for WordPress.

It’s exclusicely available only in selected cmsmasters themes on Themeforest.

Lots of options!

Make sharing an easy and natural part of your web experience.

Share articles, images, products and activities from your website.

Start scaling your site traffic today!

Wide range of social media platforms

Make your choice and set share buttons in the best possible way.

Choose the View between Icon, Text and Both

Set the Icon Position and Alignment

Use up to 10 columns!

Set them for desktop, tablet and mobile.

Style your Share Buttons

  • Set a Typography.
  • Add desired Border Radius.
  • Make your buttons as big as needed.
  • Choose the Color between Official, Custom and Gradient. 

Make your Share Buttons always be on the screen!